November 15, 2012 11:45 PM

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson and fiancé Justin Mikita are tying the knot — and that is not a euphemism.

Bow ties have been a signature look for the Modern Family star and his man on the red carpet this season, but now the guys have launched their own line of bow ties through their Tie the Knot Foundation, which supports the fight for marriage equality.

“It’s just a fun way to spruce up an outfit,” Ferguson told PEOPLE of the ties at the Tie the Knot launch party in West Hollywood on Wednesday. “Men don’t get fun, exciting things to wear.”

Ferguson and Mikita did not go far when looking for inspiration for their fall/winter 2012 collection, which will be sold online exclusively by The Tie Bar.

“They are inspired by things in our home,” said Ferguson, who looked to family heirlooms and living room décor as “jumping off points” for the 20 unique designs.

Working on the bow tie line required Ferguson and Mikita — who announced their engagement when launching their foundation in September — to balance date nights with business dinners.

“We would be out having a nice dinner and then we would start talking about business,” Ferguson said. “I would be, like, ‘Do I need to get my notebook out? I can’t remember all this stuff.'”

But Mikita, a lawyer, wasn’t worried that their love would buckle under the pressures of starting the foundation.

“I adore Jesse in all ways and I think we are very compatible personally and business-wise,” Mikita said. “He’s much more creative and I’m more business-oriented. I get stressed out and have certain ways of doing things and Jesse can deal with it for the most part and that’s half the battle.”

For now, only 200 pieces of each bow tie design are available, but the couple is hoping there will be a demand for many, many more.

“We wanted them to be unique and limited edition,” Mikita said. “But hopefully we will sell out.”

–Patrick Gomez


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