Jenny Slate Praises her 'Dreamy' Boyfriend (Is It Chris Evans?) for His Online Shopping Support

If the turtleneck-okaying "boyfriend" she's tweeting about is Chris Evans (as is rumored), the Internet is about to blow up with excitement

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The internet jealously guards its internet boyfriends, but they appear to be willing to give up Chris Evans if it means he’s back together with Jenny Slate. The two have been dropping hints about a reconciliation with some flirty tweets and a singing-dog video (yes, you read that right), but Slate’s most recent tweet seems to be the biggest (and most swoonworthy) hint of all.

“My boyfriend does many dreamy&generous things but number 1 in my mind right now is how he celebrates my new turtlenecks/let’s me show him my online shopping spoils & cheers me on,” Slate tweeted Friday (then quickly followed up to chastise herself for a typo: “Number one in my mind just changed to shame re: “lets” vs “let’s” …wait wait no “turtleneck support in my partnership” joy is back. It’s T-necks again”).

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Fans immediately started celebrating in her mentions, equal parts enthused about the possibility that she was referring to Evans and delighted by her desire to buy turtlenecks online. And in the next breath, we all instantly started imagining what it might look like to have Chris Evans rooting for you as you do some serious damage at Net-a-Porter.

The couple had been dating for nearly a year before they split in February, but they spent their summer being the most supportive, amicable exes that possibly have ever existed. And when they were spotted hanging out in Atlanta (and she was heard in the background of a video of Evans’ dog singing), rumors began to fly that they’d gotten back together. Until we see a photo of them holding hands (and, ideally, wearing matching turtlenecks), we may not know for sure, but judging by how happy Slate sounds – and how happy it makes us to picture Evans enthusiastically okaying her purchases – we choose to believe.

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