Jenny McCarthy Wears Prom Dress 26 Years Later: 'I Still Fit Into It - Except for the Boob Area'

The radio host hit the streets of N.Y.C. with husband Donnie Wahlberg for a prom re-do

Jenny McCarthy just put every throwback prom photo to shame, because she just wore her original prom dress and teased Aqua Net hairdo from 1990 — on the streets of N.Y.C. The only thing she changed? Her date. McCarthy was joined by her husband Donnie Wahlberg along to promote the new SiriusXM’s Prom Radio channel.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg

Cindy Ord

SiriusXM is launching a limited-run music channel, Prom Radio, and the hot couple took to the streets to spread the word and reminisce with about their own prom memories.

Luckily, the SiriusXM host still had her strapless Murray Arbeid dress with polka dot print and oversize bow that she wore to her prom back in 1990. “I came home from college one day and my mom was having a garage sale and had it hanging on a rack for sale,” McCarthy tells PeopleStyle. “I freaked out and told her I was appalled she would ever do such a thing. So I held onto it since 1990.”

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg

Cindy Ord

And putting it on for the first time in over 26 years brought back prom night memories. “I was shocked to see how many cigarette holes were in it from prom night,” McCarthy says. “I was even more surprised I still fit into it. Well, except for the boob area, had to open up those seams a bit.”

As for that teased hairdo, she says it actually looked like that daily when she was in high school. “I would wake up at 5 a.m., shower, blow dry it, spray Aqua Net, put a curling iron on it until it made a sizzling noise, like bacon sizzling in a pan, and then would hand pick the curls into the selected areas and spray them into place with blow dryer.”

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg

Cindy Ord

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Even though her outfit was on point, her overall experience wasn’t one for the books. “I met my prom date on Spring Break that year in Daytona, Florida just two weeks prior. So, I didn’t really know him nor did he know anyone else at the prom so I felt more like a babysitter than a date. I was also the one ‘responsible’ for sneaking booze into the prom.”

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So getting to recreate prom with her husband was a cute do-over for both of them. “I almost cried. He looked so adorable [in his powder blue tux],” she says. “He never went to his own prom and I didn’t enjoy mine, so dressing up like each other’s prom dates made it actually feel like a do-over with my soul mate.”

But the actual best part of the “second” prom? “Someone shouting ‘You better vote for Donald Trump!’ at us.”

Do you still have your prom dress? Would you wear it again? Share in the comments below.

— Colleen Kratofil

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