Jenny McCarthy Launches Vegan Cosmetic Line: 'I'm Very Proud'

Jenny McCarthy tells PEOPLE all about the mission behind her new brand Formless Beauty

Jenny McCarthy Launches Cosmetic Line, Formless Beauty
Jenny McCarthy. Photo: Courtesy Formless Beauty

Jenny McCarthy is making beauty a little less complicated.

Today, the actress, 48, is launching her very own cosmetics brand, Formless Beauty — unveiling products that uphold true clean beauty standards.

Speaking exclusively with PEOPLE about the release, McCarthy admits: "There are a lot of celebrity brands out there, but not all of them are vegan and cruelty free, so I am very proud that mine is."

McCarthy's product line is not only eco-friendly — but made with ingredients makeup lovers will find familiar and easy to understand. Formless Beauty is also made in the U.S.

"There's been a plethora of [cosmetic lines] that have come out and said we're natural and organic, but then when you go and look at the ingredients, I'd be like, 'I can't pronounce these,'" McCarthy says of what inspired her to tackle the world of beauty. "I felt there was a disconnect in what people really think is natural and pure, so I said 'I want to create a line that has ingredients you can actually pronounce.'"

Jenny McCarthy Launches Cosmetic Line, Formless Beauty
Jenny McCarthy. Courtesy Formless Beauty

For its first drop, Formless Beauty is unveiling three lip gloss colors — all different shades of pink.

"I have a little bit of an addiction to lipgloss," McCarthy jokes to PEOPLE. "I'm constantly applying it."

Each color is named with a specific intention: Manifest, Dream and Love — and made with elements such as shea butter and grapefruit seed.

"Ingredients you can pronounce!" McCarthy reiterates. "It's lipgloss, you know, its on your mouth. You're ingesting it," McCarthy continues, adding that she wanted to make sure wearers were well aware of exactly what they were putting on their skin.

McCarthy also hopes to spread positivity with her line as the names of the gloss encourage the practice of affirmations.

"When you apply it, you say the word, you feel the word, and [hopefully] save it in your head. We wear makeup all day long, so I thought naming the gloss after uplifting terms will keep the [wearer] in alignment to kind of use it as meditation," McCarthy expresses.

The TV host shares that she often practices affirmations, writing words to live by on sticky notes and leaving them around her homes as reminders.

"I just thought this is really something I'd love to include. I feel it can make an extra difference in people's lives as it'll serve as a reminder to love, to dream and to manifest."

Explaining her reason behind the shades — McCarthy says she wanted to start with something that was practical, something she couldn't live with out.

"They are all in the same pinky family, but can serve different purposes. Who doesn't love a good pink gloss? Dream gives off a trendy feel when you want to add a pop. Manifest is for when you're feeling shimmery as it has little gold specks in it. Love is my go-to for all-day wear. I always have it in my purse," McCarthy says.

Jenny McCarthy Launches Cosmetic Line, Formless Beauty
Jenny McCarthy. Courtesy Formless Beauty

Just listening to McCarthy, the passion she has for her line is clear. She shares with PEOPLE that Formless Beauty is all her — and not just a brand she put her name behind.

"It's me and one person. I'm doing all my own digital ads on Instagram, I'm taking the photos, I'm learning how to edit. I love it and I'm really falling in love with the process. This is something that really came out of my heart," McCarthy says.

While growing her "baby," McCarthy says the process made her think of her own beauty evolution.

"When I was growing up, I would just use Dove soap and drug store makeup, then of course, getting into this [Hollywood] business I started using very thick foundations and extremely heavy products. Now, as I've gotten older, I'm more conscious and mindful about what I put on my face."

"You no longer want [heavy] coverage," McCarthy shares. "You now have lines and wrinkles and you need something that's moisturizing. I love a more natural look when I'm not working. I usually just wear a lip gloss."

While Formless Beauty is starting off with lip gloss, McCarthy is already product planning for the future.

"I've learned so much through this process. I now know how much science is still evolving, and we're still discovering what happens when certain things enter our system — that's something I'm keeping in mind as I expand the product line. My mission is to crack the code and have cosmetics be not only amazing and beautiful, but healthy. I want you to choose my brand because yes it looks great, but it's good for you."

And McCarthy isn't the only one in her household who cares about beauty. She hilariously reveals that her husband Donnie Wahlberg steals her beauty products.

"You know it's funny because male actors, they're used to wearing makeup. So, Donnie will want to use a blender sponge or even my eyebrow pencil. His favorite thing, however, is my moisturizer."

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