The actress's color only took a few hours, but going back to blonde could be more complicated

By Kate Hogan
Updated April 27, 2012 04:00 PM

Donna Ward/Getty; Earl Gibson III/FilmMagic

Red alert! Jennifer Morrison dyed her hair a vivid shade of red last week, switching from her usual bright blonde for her role in the upcoming film Some Girl(s). So how’d she do it? We talked to her stylist, Wella Professionals’ Riawna Capri, to get the scoop.

According to Capri, it “surprisingly didn’t take long” to change Morrison’s color. “I filled her blonde for about 15 minutes, did a rich red for 20 minutes, threw over an extra red gloss for pop and that was it,” she tells PEOPLE. “It took about 45 minutes for color, then about two hours [to dye her] Great Lengths Extensions and cut. Jen was like, ‘That didn’t take long at all!'”

Though the actress loves the look — “It’s a nice excuse to change things up for a little bit,” she told — getting back to blonde could be more time-consuming. “That will be a whole other story,” Capri says. “[We’ll have to take] more precautions.”

If you’re looking to switch from blonde to red, it’s probably wise to visit a professional, to be sure your hair “doesn’t turn a neon-bright Ronald McDonald red,” Capri jokes. “This is prevented with a proper fill before applying the rich red color.” Tell us: Do you like Morrison’s look? Have you ever gone from blonde to red?