Mariel Haeen and Rob Zangardi picked from costume rental stores and current designers Mark Zunino and Current/Elliott and a mix of pieces from vintage designers like Galonos

By Sarah
Updated May 07, 2016 01:24 PM

Jennifer Lopez‘s new music video, “Ain’t Your Mama,” dropped Friday and we can’t help but obsess over her many stylish outfits. The video features the gorgeous J. Lo donning iconic ensembles from past decades in scenes conveying the video’s message of equality for women.

Video stylist Mariel Haenn, who styles Lopez with Rob Zangardi, talked to PEOPLE about the inspiration behind each time period.

“We really went with the classic ’50s housewife, and then the ’60s we went with the secretary look, sort of Mad Men inspired. Then ’70s we went with like a Norma Rae type feeling. ’80s we did Working Girl, and then her dance look was just a modern day J. Lo,” Haenn says. “
I think as far as styling goes, we got to do literally almost every era that you would ever want to.”


Lopez, 46, and Haenn had a mutual mission when it came to creating the looks from the past — choosing styles from prim and proper to straight-up sexy.

“We kind of, sort of agreed from the beginning that we didn’t want it to feel like a costume,” Haenn explains. “There were some earrings that just took it a little too far and it made it really funny, versus just a cool outfit. And we made sure not to push it too far, but it was like literally it could be just the earrings that just took everything a little too far. Or the cat eye glasses that took it a little too far if they weren’t the right ones. We wanted to make sure that it didn’t feel like we were making fun of anything.”

The “put-together” outfits they were striving for were a success — featuring a mix of pieces from vintage designers like Galonos that Haenn picked up from costume rental stores and current designers Mark Zunino and Current/Elliott.

So which of the cool looks did J. Lo gravitate towards? “I would say definitely the ’80s. I mean, every single one of them was fun, but the ’80s she sort of connected to. I think because she was a young girl in the ’80s and she could relate to those styles, and the hair and the makeup and everything.”

Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty

Unfortunately, the purple vintage Thierry Mugler suit Lopez worn in that scene had to go back to the costume house but J. Lo did take home some eyeglasses and the white Naked Wardrobe bodysuit worn in the final dance sequence, along with her Manolo Blahnik boot chaps gifted to her from Rihanna!

Lopez obviously couldn’t get RiRi’s present out of her mind and brought them to the set on the last day of shooting … and she had a vision.

“That last look was supposed to be something different, and then we wound up featuring the boots in that scene. So we sort of had to build an outfit that worked and highlighted those,” Haenn reveals. “
She’s a trooper. At first I was like, that’s a lot of dancing. I don’t know if you’ll be able to dance in these, but she did. They’re really high, and usually when she wears heels for dancing, she likes a thicker heel because it’s more support. But she’s always a trooper to make it happen for the shot.”

Although Jen endured some sore feet and required a few breaks during the two hour scene shoot she proved what it takes to be… well … J. Lo!

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