January 21, 2016 03:58 PM

When it comes to getting dressed, both in life and on stage, it seems like there are really only three deciding factors as to whether an ensemble meets J.Lo’s rigorous criteria. Is it sexy? Is it a jumpsuit? And is it absolutely dripping in Swarovski crystals? If the piece of clothing in question just checked all those boxes, congratulations: It just guaranteed itself a starring role in Jennifer Lopez‘s latest Las Vegas spectacular, “All I Have.”

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The pop sensation launched her three-year residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas last night with a string of show-stopping performances, enough outfit changes to put the AMAs to shame, and an audience packed with pretty much every single celebrity you can think of. Seriously, even the selfies from that night had megawatt star power, just take a look at the snap Kelly Osbourne posted to Instagram of her, Justin Bieber, and Rebel Wilson, which would be plenty of famous faces even without Hoda Kotb photobombing them from behind.

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If you’re starting to come down with a serious case of FOMO right about now, fear not because since every celebrity and glam team in the world was in attendance last night, that also means snippets of J.Lo’s performances and costume changes are all over social media. Here’s a few to tide you over until you can save up the cash to see the real deal in person.

And, of course, no performance is truly a success if you don’t finish it off with a huge, multi-tiered, J.Lo-themed cake:

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But while the celebrity sightings were exciting, what really stole the show was J.Lo’s endless parade of luxe ensembles all custom created for the singer by Versace, Michael Costello, Nicolas Jebran and Zuhair Murad. There were an assortment of bustiers, jumpsuits, and a barely-there Swarovski-embellished illusion bikini, all topped with a giant snow white fox-fur coat by Lilly e Violetta and an elaborately plumed cape by Versace. But what’s really mind-blowing about these looks is the sheer volume of Swarovski crystals involved in this single evening of entertainment. According to a press release from the company, 260,000 crystals were used in the Versace pieces alone, which all together took over two months and 1,400 hours of manual labor to apply to these creations. Additionally, 75,000 crystals were also used in the stage design on nine set pieces.

Courtesy Swarovski(2); Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

With all of the glitz, glamour, drama, and fashion involved in this single night of nonstop diva antics, you can practically hear the cries of “yass, kween,” reverberating all the way from the Nevada desert. Covered in this many sparkling crystals, J.Lo makes the Las Vegas strip look like amateur hour.
What do you think of J.Lo’s Las Vegas look? Which is your favorite?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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