Jennifer Lopez's '80s Hair on American Idol: Let the Beauty Debate Begin

The singer rocks a totally throwback hair and makeup look on American Idol, and we have mixed feelings about it

James Whatling/Splash News Online; Getty

Jennifer Lopez‘s style and beauty parade on American Idol is just as captivating as the contestants’ performances. Okay, we exaggerate, but the superstar judge has been knocking it out of the park recently. Wednesday’s Top 8 show was dedicated to the ’80s, and Lopez totally went for the theme. (As did Keith Urban and his mullet). But her kinky side-swept voluminous tresses and bold shadow have editors at odds. Since hair, like love, is a battlefield, we had to debate the look below.

PRO: Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor: I’ve started to tune into American Idol every week, just so I can talk about how flawless Jennifer Lopez is. I sit on the couch and admire her complexion, hair, clothes etc. And without fail I turn to my fiancé (who at this point thinks I’m totally insane) and say, “Seriously, how pretty is she?” He nods, before asking me if we can change the channel. True to form last night, I stared slack-jawed at J.Lo, crazy ’80s hair and all. Not only did her edgy voluminous do perfectly match her gold spotted Jill Stuart dress (which featured a leather harness!), but it also was a fun departure from her loose waves. Plus, anything throwback is totally in now, right?

CON: Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor: Yeah, first of all, I don’t believe Jennifer Lopez looked like this in the ’80s. I think she was wearing actual curls, a lot more neon, and a bunch of rubber bracelets. So I reject this throwback on principle, but I also reject it on execution. There’s a fun way to do a wink at a decade that isn’t quite so … aggressive. I feel tired from being visually assaulted by the heavy eyeshadow and the hair. And as any good sorority girl (or Mean Girl) knows, if your costume masks your essential hotness, it, as a costume, has failed.

What do you think of Lopez’s ’80s-inspired look? Whose side are you taking?

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