Seriously, do you like them?

January 19, 2015 08:56 PM

Jennifer Lopez, 45, is many things. A multi-hyphenate performer. A diva. A mom of two. An astoundingly ageless human being. One thing she is not? A frequent bangs wearer. So her deliberate hairstyling choice on Monday got our attention.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty; Courtesy Live with Michael & Kelly

We saw her hitting the streets with these center-parted, combed forward, super-long bangs on Monday morning, but chalked it up to the windy weather in N.Y.C. Then we saw her on Live With Kelly & Michael and the look was even more in-your-face. Or, rather, in her face.

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She normally goes for one of two looks: A serious bombshell blowout (as seen above left) or a sleek and slicked ponytail (as seen here). So to comb forward, zhuzz up and tease out her bangs feels very deliberate — like, perhaps, she wants us to have a discussion about them in the comments. So who are we to deny her?


–Alex Apatoff

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