How Jennifer Lopez's Legendary Versace Dress Changed the Red Carpet Game - and Birthed Google Images

It was the moment that sparked Internet searches across the world

Over the past two decades, Jennifer Lopez has inspired the sartorial choices of women across the world with her risk-taking, head-turning and undeniably sexy style. So when PEOPLE editor Jess Cagle and the editorial team were compiling the most iconic celebrity photos for the new book, The 100 Best Celebrity Photos, out now, Jennifer Lopez’s iconic tropical-print Versace dress worn to the 2000 Grammys was a surefire choice. And in the video above, Cagle explains the reason why Lopez’s look was such a major moment in pop culture history.

The dress was designed by Donatella Versace for the Italian label’s Milan runway in 1999 and later worn by Donatella herself, which prompted Lopez’s interest. “That’s when J Lo saw it, and decided she had to have it,” Cagle says. “The dress was so memorable that over the years, lots and lots of people have parodied the look.”

But the look wasn’t only recognized by other stars, as Cagle explains. “There’s also a bigger cultural significance to this dress and this red carpet moment, because so many people went on Google and started searching for Jennifer Lopez’s dress, that Google decided to launch Google Images,” he says.

And as far as the legendary piece’s status at the moment, its hanging in Lopez’s closet, which we saw firsthand during her closet tour — a moment you can get a look at, above.


For more iconic photos, check out PEOPLE’s photo book. And tell us: did you love this dress? Sound off in the comments below.

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