Derek Hough reveals what he saw when he entered co-host Jennifer Lopez's closet


As Jennifer Lopez personally showed us in 2015, her closet is what dreams are made of. Among an entire room dedicated to shoes, it has shelves upon shelves of jeans, racks of dresses and a full glam room. And Derek Hough was lucky enough to spend some time in there (jealous) when working with JLo on their new show, World of Dance.

After getting a glimpse inside the singer’s closet, Hough reveals that her space is so huge, it needs floor-to-ceiling, library-worthy, Beauty and the Beast-style ladder in order to reach every piece of clothing that she owns.

“There’s actually a ladder in her closet,” Hough tells People Now about his observation of the space. “And I don’t mean just a little stepping ladder like in a pantry, oh I’m talking like, Beauty and the Beast, ‘tale as old as closet.'”

When PEOPLE took a tour, Lopez revealed that she still has pieces that she’s worn in movies, like heels and a pair of jeans that she wore during her role in The Boy Next Door.

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But her huge closet isn’t all Hough has observed about the star. He reveals what it’s like to work with Lopez, sharing that she’s the “queen bee” of the cast.

“She’s like a unicorn! She ages backwards,” Hough says, adding, “She’s very loving and comforting to some of the acts.”

And while her “unicorn” status had Hough expecting Lopez to eat age-defying foods, he was surprised by her choice in pizza at one of her post-show after parties at her home. “You envision her eating this magical food or something, but then she’s rocking a pepperoni pizza. Sweet,” he said.

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