The star's go-to hairstylist shows you exactly how it's done

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated January 18, 2017 09:00 AM
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If your Pinterest board is covered in gorgeous red carpet braids that you’re dying to recreate, we’ve got your back. Our latest plait obsession? Jennifer Lawrence‘s gorgeous reverse French braid at the Passengers premiere in London. Thankfully, just in time for red carpet season, her pro, Suave hairstylist Jenny Cho shows us how to get this look in the How It’s Done video above.

The trick to this style is a ton of tousled texture. If yours doesn’t come naturally, Cho recommends creating beachy feel using a flat iron. Then, mist salt spray all over and rough everything up with a blow dryer and a good ol’ hair flip — the messier the better. Once your hair feels like you just stepped off the sand, you’re ready to braid.

Pull the top section back, gathering it at the crown of your head and separating it into three strands.

Credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty; Karwai Tang/WireImage

In order to achieve the “reverse French” aspect, remember two important rules: First, as you begin weaving the sections as you would a normal three-strand braid, wrap each section under instead of over, which will give you an inside-out (a.k.a. “reversed”) look. Rule #2 is standard for any French braid: As you weave the hair together, pull small sections from each side of the head as you make your way down the braid, eventually gathering each and every strand into one large braid that sits flush on the head.

The rest is easy. Secure the ends with a clear elastic band, and pull the sides of the braid apart slightly, making it look fuller. Then, to add more height at the crown, Cho pushes the braid up a tiny bit and secures it in place with bobby pins.

To complete the look, tousle the front with pomade before locking it in place with volumizing hair spray.

Watch the full how-to above. Tell us: Will you try the look? Sound off in the comments below.