Jennifer Hudson Turned Her Son's Baby Tooth into a Statement Necklace

The singer also gave her Tom Ford glasses an update

Photo: Source: Jennifer Hudson/Instagram

Jennifer Hudson/Instagram

Every parent has their own unique ways of celebrating their child’s first major life milestones. Some throw parties, some print out certificates, and some buy presents. But if you’re Jennifer Hudson, you turn your six-year-old son’s first baby tooth into an ornate necklace.

While singing a little acapella on her car ride home for her 1.4 million Instagram followers, Hudson decided to take a moment to tell fans about a little personal project she’s been working on which involves “Jenniferizing” everything in her life. Essentially, the singer has made summer 2016 all about giving the everyday objects in her life a little personalization, making them completely unique and all her own.

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And Hudson kicked off her summer of “Jenniferizing” with a project very close to her heart, turning the first tooth her son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., lost into a beautiful gold necklace featuring an open heart that the tooth dangles off of, almost like a tiny pearl.

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She also gave her eyewear a fresh update, taking the dark lenses out of her Tom Ford Lena sunglasses and popping in her prescription, turning them in to a bold everyday pair of glasses. So far, Hudson’s choices in customization have been super on-point, and we can’t wait to see what object she makes her own next. Viva the summer of Jenniferizing!

What do you think of Jennifer’s baby tooth necklace? Would you do this with your child’s tooth?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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