When it comes to weight loss, sharing is caring (for her figure), according to Jennifer Hudson

By Alex Apatoff
April 01, 2013 02:30 PM

Craig Barritt/Getty

For Jennifer Hudson sharing is caring — for her body, that is. The Oscar and Grammy winner, who has lost 80 lbs. since 2010, has found a healthy (and friendly!) way to indulge her cravings.

“I had these butter cookies at Starbucks the other day [and] I said to everyone I was with, ‘Do you want a cookie?’ That way it can’t do any harm if we share it,” Hudson, 31 told PEOPLE at Weight Watchers’ 50th anniversary celebration in N.Y.C. “You have your portion and share the rest.”

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At the event, the company’s ambassador showed off her svelte figure in a shimmery gold Donna Karan pencil shirt and black tee, and confessed that sometimes, her sharing policy sometimes means she’s sharing with the trash.

“You have to be realistic with yourself. This morning I had pancakes and they sent three or four of them, and I said, ‘Jennifer, if you are going to eat all of them you are going to be overweight’ so I only allowed myself one pancake. At least I had it,” she explained. “It’s just little tricks you can play with yourself.”

Those little tricks aside, Hudson says she’s all too happy to leave her crazy dieting past behind her. “I did the Eat For Your Bloodtype diet and it was too strict,” she said. “You’re only going to hold off from eating [certain foods] for so long and then it just explodes.” And considering how great she looks, we’ll take her word for it.

Tell us: What little diet tricks do you use to stay on track?

–Michelle Ward