Jennifer Garner Says She DM'd Ariana Grande After Singer Wore '13 Going on 30' Dress: 'So Beautiful'

"It's impossible to even tell you how warm and fuzzy it makes me to see that Jenna Rink still has a life," the actress tells PEOPLE after Ariana Grande wore the 13 Going on 30 dress on The Voice

Attention all Jenna Rink fans: Jennifer Garner loves seeing your enthusiasm for all-things 13 Going on 30.

Seventeen years after the movie debuted, Jenna Rink looks were the hottest Halloween costume on TikTok and it's no wonder why the fashion-fantasy film still resonates so deeply with fans. After all, Garner's character Jenna Rink lived out every teenage girls' dream. At 13, she gets her wish to be "30, flirty and thriving" to find herself 30 years old and living as an editor at a fashion magazine in New York City — shopping montages, "Thriller" dances and backstabbing best friends ensue.

13 Going On 30 - 2004
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Now, with viewers who were teens in 2004 nearing their 30s (including Christa B. Allen who played young Jenna!), the popularity is back and Garner couldn't be more thrilled.

"It's impossible to even tell you how warm and fuzzy it makes me to see that Jenna Rink still has a life," the actress tells PEOPLE when we caught up with the Neutrogena brand ambassador to talk all-things retinol.

13 Going On 30 - 2004
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Garner says seeing so many Jenna Rink recreations from fans today is especially meaningful to her. "Because that cast, that experience, it was as beautiful as it was to make it. And the fact that it lives on is even more special."

She continues: "The director was Gary Winick and he was this beautiful man who was all, all heart and we lost him to brain cancer [in 2011]. And so whenever I see anything about Jenna Rink, I think about Gary and it just is a way to keep him alive and keep the joy of that experience alive."

Ariana Grande Instagram; Jennifer Garner 13 Going On 30
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One major recreation came earlier in the week when none other than Ariana Grande donned the iconic Versace rainbow-stripped dress from the getting-ready and "Thriller" scene on Monday's episode of The Voice.

"I was actually DM'ing with Ms. Grande," Garner tells PEOPLE. "What a dear sweet person, she is. A beauty. She looks so beautiful in the dress."

Grande shared photos of herself ahead of the live show thanking the Versace team. "Thank you so so so so much @donatellaversace @versace and happy first live show!!! @nbcthevoice #teamariana," Grande captioned the snap.

Completing the look, the pop star sported the same updo and dangling earrings that Garner wore in the 2004 rom-com. The only thing missing was the butterfly necklace Garner accessorized with in the movie.

Recently Garner says she did channel the slightest bit of Jenna Rink, when her kids (Violet, 15 and Seraphina, 12, plus son Sam, 9, with ex Ben Affleck) helped her get glam.

When asked which character she's played had the best makeup bag she knew right away: Jenna Rink. Total, no brainer. She definitely has the best makeup bag. Would I use that in my own life? No," she says. "My kids would put [the sparkly eyeshadow] on me. As a matter of fact, they have recently."

Instead for Garner's day-to-day life she says her character Special Agent Janet Mayes from the 2007 movie The Kingdom is more her speed. "She didn't wear any makeup at all, a little dirt here and there, that's more my thing."

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