Jennifer Garner Pokes Fun at Herself in a Hilarious 10-Year Challenge Photo

Jennifer Garner posted one of the most hilarious 10-year challenge comparisons

Jennifer Garner takes the cake for posting one of the best 10-year challenge photos on the Internet.

Many have been kicking off the new year by taking a walk down memory lane with the “10 year challenge” (sharing comparison shots from 10 years ago and today), and the actress, 46, joined the viral craze with a hilarious photo that proves some things never change.

Instead of spotlighting her “glow up” like many other stars, Garner took this as an opportunity take a jab at the intrusive paparazzi photos she’s been the subject of for the past decade. And she also was able to laugh at herself.

Garner hilariously posted what appears to be a pap shot from 2009 on the left side, which caught the actress from the back bending over to reveal ripped pink underwear poking out of her denim jeans.

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Flash forward to 2019 and the paparazzi are still snapping pictures of Garner hunched over in the exact same position (but no undies exposed this time). The star captioned her 10-year challenge quite simply: “🤦🏻‍♀️ #getittogethergurl #biggirlpanties #👵🏼but😃.”

Garner isn’t the only A-list star to join in on the 10-year challenge fun. Jennifer Lopez took a look back at her 2009 pregnancy with twins Maximilian and Emme in her post.

Elizabeth Banks shared the important results of her years-long hair color scientific study.

And Isla Fisher joked about how having three kids has changed her over the course of 10 years.

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