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By Eva Thomas
February 10, 2020 07:30 PM
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Jennifer Garner loves her leggings. She also happens to be a big fan of one particular reusable coffee cup. How do we know about these Garner-loved essentials? It’s not from 100-word Instagram captions where the actor rambles on about them, but rather from seeing her repeated use of them throughout the years — the biggest telltale of all. And based on that criteria, we might have just discovered another one of her staples: comfortable loafers.

Garner lives in leggings, which she often pairs with sneakers, but wherever she takes a dressier route, she tends to favor loafers. It’s a shoe style that marries the comfort of sneakers (thanks to a cushioned footbed) with the elegance of a dressy flat.

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The chic, comfy loafers Garner can’t stop wearing hail from Chanel. Considering she likely purchased them sometime in 2018 (at least that’s when the shoe sightings began), getting your hands on her exact style is going to be nearly impossible. However, the market is chock-full of similar-looking (and more affordable) loafers you can wear to church, to work, or on a dinner date with friends. Frankly, you can slip into the sensible shoe whenever your heart desires.

Below, shop our top picks for comfortable black loafers at Nordstrom for less than $200. Divide the price of your preferred style by the number of times you’ll be wearing them — if the actor is any indication, that number will be quite high — and you have a cost per wear that’s miniscule, which is all the more reason to buy more than one pair, right? Right.

Buy It! 1901 Reenie Loafer, $99.95;

Buy It! Jeffrey Campbell Viona Loafer, $134.95–$139.95;

Buy It! Ecco Incise Tailored Loafer, $169.95;

Buy It! Sarto by Franco Sarto Irena Loafer, $83.96–$139.95;

Buy It! Cole Haan Pinch Tassel Loafer, $170;

Buy It! Naturalizer Clea Loafer, $109.95;

Buy It! Dr. Scholl’s Faxon Studded Loafer, $89.96;