Andy Terzes/TicTock Studios
May 21, 2012 04:00 PM

In her latest film, Virginia, Jennifer Connelly learned that blondes do have more fun … even if the subject mater of the movie — a woman’s battle with schizophrenia — was anything but.

“I actually had a lot of fun being blonde,” she tells FashionETC. “But not as much fun getting to blonde. It was very time-consuming, but the upkeep wasn’t bad because it didn’t have to be perfect.”

Writer-director Dustin Lance Black says the choice to change the character’s hair color was a calculated one. “One of the few things that a schizophrenic of her type can control is color,” he explains. “We discussed it and we thought one of the things she has probably tried to control all the time is … the color of everything, including her hair.”

Virginia marks the first time Connelly has gone blonde for a role, FashionETC. reports. And the actress says it definitely helped her get into character. “I felt like she was really her own creature,” she says. Plus, she pulled it off. As Black adds, “She looks hot as a blonde.” Tell us: Do you like Connelly as a blonde?


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