Jennifer Aniston Stole One of Monica's Dresses from the 'Friends' Set — and She Still Wears It!

The former castmates remember which items they snagged from the Friends set when filming wrapped in 2004

When Friends ended its 10-year-run over a decade ago, the cast made sure to grab some sentimental mementos from the set. But for Jennifer Aniston, one of the items she took wasn't even from her character Rachel Green's wardrobe — it was from Monica Geller's closet!

When PEOPLE caught up with the former castmates — Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer — on the set of the anticipated Friends reunion premiering on HBO Max on May 27, Aniston revealed that one of her most cherished pieces from Friends happens to be one of Monica's dresses.

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"I went into her line of clothes and I pulled out a dress that Monica wore," Aniston, 52, says. "I still have it and wear [it] to this day and it fits. It's floral with black lace, tiny little flowers, a V-neck and little ruffle cap sleeves."

Cox, who portrayed Monica in the series, actually didn't take anything from the set. But now she wishes she had. "I'm not a person that collects things. And then I regret it. I'm actually going to steal something tonight," she says.

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The other actors all took some other small pieces of the Friends world home with them. Kudrow has Phoebe Buffay's rings. LeBlanc stole an "I Love Friends" license plate. "I put it on Schwimmer's car," he says. "It took him a week to realize. Do you remember?"

"Did you?" Schwimmer asks. LeBlanc replies, "Yes, that was me."

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Meanwhile, Schwimmer has held on to Ross Geller's "little Professor Geller placards from my office at the museum" and Perry "stole the cookie jar that had a clock on it and I gave it to Lisa." He added, "At one point she looked at it and thought it was a real clock."

The cast was overcome with emotion when they reunited, now only for the second time since the finale aired in 2004, to shoot a non-scripted celebration of the NBC series airing on HBO Max.

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Friends reunion. Terrence Patrick/HBO Max

"It's funny, when we do get together, it's like no time has passed," LeBlanc says. "We pick up right where we left off."

Listen to more of PEOPLE's cover story interview with the Friends cast below on our daily podcast PEOPLE Every Day.

"It was a character-driven funny, not timely funny," says Perry of why the show has found such a following. "They didn't make timely jokes. They didn't make jokes about O.J. Simpson. They made character-driven jokes about people — and people are going to come back time and time again and watch that."

Friends: The Reunion premieres May 27 on HBO Max.

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