The actress is adding to her perfume collection with the launch of her fifth fragrance, Luxe
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Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Make some space on your vanity: Jennifer Aniston has launched a new fragrance.

Luxe, her fifth scent, is a departure from her previous ones, which boasted a beach-ier feeling, the actress tells PeopleStyle exclusively.

“The others were all a little bit more of a California beach girl vibe, [so] I wanted to go in a more sensual direction, because I hadn’t really done that before,” says Aniston, who adds that she craved a concoction with “a little more depth, base and weight to it.”

In 2011 Aniston debuted her first, namesake fragrance, Jennifer Aniston, followed by the launch of J by Jennifer Aniston in 2014, Near Dusk in 2015 and Beachscape in 2016.

Her latest, Luxe, blends bergamot and sage with headier aromas such as jasmine and patchouli.

Jennifer Aniston FragranceCredit: Courtesy Elizabeth Arden
Credit: Courtesy Elizabeth Arden

“In this one, I love the fresh, citrus [and] floral notes mixed with the warm base notes like the tonka bean,” says Aniston.

And while the mega-star turned master perfumer previously told People that her third fragrance, Near Dusk, was the perfect “date night” scent, the actress reveals she’s folded Luxe into that oh-so-special fragrance rotation. “It’s the newest one, so I am playing with that, but I always go back to my original, very first fragrance, which I am partial to.”

Of course, Luxe has the approval of her husband Justin Theoux, who lends his olfactory prowess to her eau de parfum. “He sniffs them, so do my girlfriends. I always have blotters around.” She continues, “I think it’s interesting that a perfume will smell different on one arm to another arm and also who sort of responds to certain ones. You are trying to satisfy a wide range which is a little challenging.”

What does tie each of Aniston’s fragrances together is the bottle: As with her previous releases, she kept the same sculptural shape.

“I love architectural designs, and this sort of had a Frank Gehry vibe. Also it reflected an ocean wave in a way,” says Aniston, adding that she was also influenced by the atomizers her mother owned when she was growing up.

“Remember when you were a kid and your mom would have these different bottles on her vanity, and they were always so beautiful? It just made me feel like I looked forward to being able to wear perfumes when I was a woman.”

And Aniston’s learned a thing or two about scent etiquette since she started spritzing them on herself. “No one wants to go into an elevator and then walk out smelling like someone else! That’s something I have a pet peeve about: Someone giving you a hug and they’re loaded with some really horrible scent and you’re just like, ‘Oh now I smell like that person for the rest of the day!’ I hate that,” vents the actress.

Yet the A-lister’s application method ensures you only get a faint whiff of eau de Aniston (not that you wouldn’t want to be awash in her aroma any day).

“I usually also love to spray it in the air and run through it, so you have a hint of it, but you’re not overwhelmed by it,” she says of her spritzing MO.