Jennifer Aniston on launching a new lifestyle brand, and steering clear of men's cologne

By Jackie Fields
October 20, 2017 12:08 PM
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Since 2011, Jennifer Aniston has balanced her acting career with another passion project: creating perfume. With five scents already under her belt, this month she introduces a new lifestyle brand at Kohl’s, Chapter One, which includes a new fragrance by the same name, as well as her very first body and home mist. And with the new venture comes a departure from her previous process: This time, Aniston didn’t enlist husband Justin Theroux for any sniff tests.

“He’s not involved in this whatsoever. This is not his department,” explains Aniston, whose new scent combines a bouquet of floral notes.

“It’s a feminine mix of florals, citrus and woodsy notes that is captivating and chic but still approachable,” says Aniston, who also says that the bottle’s “teardrop-shape was inspired by my younger years seeing my mother’s perfume bottles on her vanity.”

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With the expansion of the star’s fragrance empire, we wondered if she would ever use her expertise to create a men’s scent, but Aniston assures us she’s got zero interest in cologne.

“I’m not big on it,” she shares. “I’ve probably got PTSD from cab rides in New York City that ended in pure suffocation.”

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Credit: C Flanigan/Getty

Aniston’s had similarly bad scent experiences in other enclosed spaces, like elevators. “No one wants to go into an elevator and then walk out smelling like someone else! That’s something I have a pet peeve about: Someone giving you a hug and they’re loaded with some really horrible scent and you’re just like, ‘Oh now I smell like that person for the rest of the day!’ I hate that,” the actress told us recently.

So, what does the scent aficionado prefer a guy to smell like?

The actress previously told People that she’s “anti-cologne on men,” instead preferring “their own eau de sweat.”

“I want men to have a natural [smell],” she says.