Jennifer Aniston Has Bangs, Minimal Makeup Thanks to Her Major Movie Makeunder

The costume for Jennifer Aniston's latest role in the film The Yellow Birds may be the closest the actress will ever come to getting a full-blown make-under.

Jennifer Aniston seems to always look gorgeous no matter the occasion, but she occasionally takes a break from her tanned, toned and blown-out perfection for a film role. Her latest movie, The Yellow Birds, once again sees the actress in more “regular gal” mode, with bangs and a fresh face.

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Considering there’s a hairstyle named after her fictional Friends character’s chunky highlighted tresses (and that her hair landed her a gig as a co-owner of a haircare company), it’s not that crazy to say that Aniston’s locks may be even more famous than she is. Which is why it makes sense that she goes for a de-glammed look for her more serious roles, including her latest, in which she plays the mother of a young soldier sent to Iraq.

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In the photo of her on set, the 46-year-old pairs her honey-colored wig with a mustard silk blouse, blue pantsuit, and a pair of salt-stained grey fuzzy boots (which are, apparently, every actor’s shoe of choice while being filmed from the waist up). And while it’s not her typical leggy LBD, it’s no surprise that Aniston still manages to make workwear and “glammed-down” do look pretty fab.

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s makeunder? Do you like her better with bangs or without?What hairstyle would you like to see her try out for a role?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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