November 30, 2016 01:44 PM
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It’s been more than a decade since Jennifer Aniston last hung up her baby tees as Rachel Green on Friends, but the actress will never fully be able to shake her character. If she’s not getting asked about a reunion (she’s doubtful) or The Rachel haircut (she’s anti), she’s hanging out with Courteney Cox and giving us ’90s nostalgia. But today might be the biggest Rachel Green throwback yet: She visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show wearing an outfit that could have been ripped right out of Rachel’s (giant, rent-controlled) closet.

The actress stopped by the daytime talk show to discuss her upcoming film Office Christmas Party and give a peek into her sweet relationship with Justin Theroux (he surprised her at Thanksgiving!). But more importantly, she ditched her preferred LBDs in favor of a white button-up under a buttoned fest, black miniskirt, sheer black tights and knee-high boots. Hmm, now who does that remind us of?

Rachel Green loved few things more than a vest, a miniskirt and a knee-high pair of boots. In fact, the outfit was so iconically the character that she wore it in the final episode (you know, the one where she “got off the plane”). And a button-front, waistcoat-style vest was a wardrobe staple dating all the way back to her working-at-Central-Perk, Rachel Haircut days, as evidenced below.


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And if you needed further evidence, just check out this side-by-side of Aniston with her “friends” (yes, she’s in a vest in the one of the left too) – it’s as if no time has passed since the ’90s and we’re all back making that Thanksgiving trifle for the first time. (Oh wait. We are.)

Getty; Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

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