Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Couldn't Style 'The Rachel' Haircut

The actress reflected on her iconic Friends do while presenting her hairstylist Chris McMillan with an honor at the 2018 InStyle Awards  

Jennifer Aniston‘s wildly popular Friends haircut may have shaped the ’90s, but the actress admits even she had trouble styling the look.

While presenting her longtime stylist Chris McMillan with the Hairstylist of the Year Award on Monday night at the 2018 InStyle Awards, Aniston teased the mastermind behind “The Rachel.”

“I got that haircut and was like, ‘Wow this is amazing,’ and then I was totally left with this frizzy mop on my head, because I had no idea how to do what he did,” the 49-year-old actress joked of the iconic ‘do. “Nobody seems to know how to do what Chris does. And I figured out that’s called creating job security.”

While Aniston kept her speech playful, she became sentimental while reflecting on the last two decades they’ve spent as close friends and collaborators.

2018 InStyle Awards
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“Aside from all of the amazing work that we’ve done, the jobs, the trends, the hair styles that we’ve created, the things that always meant the most to me is how much you’ve always been there for me and I’ve been there for you,” the Friends star said, nodding to the iconic theme song of the hit ’90s sitcom. “We literally saved each other lives and hearts many, many, many times, and I mean that literally and figuratively.”

For Aniston, a haircut with McMillan has never been “just a cut and a dry,” but rather, “something kind of miraculous.”

“I sometimes wonder if Chris is more of an undercover healer than a hairdresser. He just makes everyone feel better as much as look better,” she said before revealing he donates haircuts to teachers and cuts wigs for cancer patients.

“The beautiful thing, and this really says it all, is that he makes everyone feel as important as the next person, no matter who you are.”

While the Horrible Bosses actress got emotional talking about his charity work, she still finds his wandering hands comical.

“If you’ve ever been around just within ten feet of Chris, I’m sure he’s had his hands all over your hair, whether you want it or not,” she laughed. “Everyone usually, like 70 to 90 percent of the crew, if not all of them, will leave with a McMillan haircut. It doesn’t matter, again, if you wanted it or not.”

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