The BH90210 star chatted with PEOPLE about her new denim campaign with Lands' End

By katieintner9
November 04, 2019 01:07 PM

Jennie Garth has the coolest source for style inspiration — her three fashionable daughters.

In a new interview, Garth tells PEOPLE that she credits her on-point style to her daughters with ex-husband Peter Facinelli, Luca Bella, 22, Lola Ray, 16, and Fiona Eve, 13.

“I like to mix up my outfits each day,” Garth says. “When your daughters are as fashionable as mine are you have to stay on your toes!”

The BH90210 actress and star of Lands’ End’s new denim campaign also loves to mix up her jeans, and has between “four and 400” pairs.

“I love that jeans are so versatile, so I don’t have to go with a specific way to style it,” she says. “I can keep it different and exciting every day while also being comfortable.”

Lands' End

Garth continues: “I love how comfortable the brand is; they practically feel like a pair of leggings, and they have such a variety of items you can wear their jeans in almost any setting.”

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Now that her denim collection is growing in her own closet, Garth has to keep a closer eye on her favorite pieces.

“My daughters steal from my closet so much, I feel like I have to have a guard assigned to it,” she jokes. “Why save anything for them when they just take what they want?”

Garth’s eldest daughter, Luca, is currently following in her parents’ footsteps.

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Garth and Luca will star in the new Lifetime movie, Your Family or Your Life, out Nov. 1.

The film follows Dr. Kathy Meyer (Garth) as her world is turned upside down when her husband David (Alexander Carroll) is found dead in their home. Kathy and her daughter April (Bella), suspicious of the suicide note, decide to investigate and soon discover that David had uncovered damaging information exposing a billionaire banker.