April 19, 2011 08:30 PM

Andreas Branch/Sipa

Actress Jennie Garth has seen many an on-set dressing room in her day, but when she takes shopping trips, she avoids the dimly lit rooms at all costs. “There’s nothing worse than going in to a dressing room,” Garth told PEOPLE recently on the set of the Dove Close-Up Challenge commercial shoot. “The mirrors, the lights, it’s all bad.” But her dislike for the public boudoir does not mean she stays out of the stores. “I like to shop so I’ll just buy whatever I find out there. I just don’t like to try things on,” she explained. “I just sort of know my body type so whatever I pull I just take home and it usually works.” Garth’s packed closet is a favorite play place for her three daughters, Luca, 13, Lola, 8 and Fiona, 4, who try her clothes on all the time. “My Lola thinks she can run in high heels, that’s her claim to fame,” the actress said. “And my Fiona … I like to dress her in classic dresses but then like high-tops. She’s … cool but classic.” The growing girls also take advantage of mom’s makeup drawer when they can, too. “I don’t remember my mom being a big makeup person,” she said. “However, my own daughters are already wearing makeup.” Fiona loves lip glosses — she even knows how to smack her lips! — while Luca, being the eldest, gets the extra-fancy hand-me-downs. “She is pretty stocked up with the good stuff,” Garth admitted. One beauty buy mom won’t share, though? Her Dove VisibleCare Body Wash. “I really do use it every day, I’m not lying,” she shared. “And I’m out, so I’m going to steal a new bottle from the set today. Don’t tell anyone!” —Patrick Gomez


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