September 26, 2007 05:00 PM


When Jenna Fischer appeared on the Emmys red carpet, we’ll admit to some collective head-scratching over her dress. We love Jenna, we love that she was taking care of her back and we love the color — but there was something about it. Turns out that we weren’t the only ones, and Jenna took to her page to sort it out for her fans. She writes, “I know there was a lot of controversy about my dress. I ended up on a few Worst Dressed Lists. But, man, did I love it. I know, I know…the bow was as big as my head. BUT…I loved it! It was flowy and silky and…did I mention that I LOVED it! I saw Tim Gunn on the red carpet and he said that he liked it. So, I have that.” Well, Jenna, you also have our support — there’s nothing better than feeling totally great in what you’re wearing and picking a gown because you love is just the right reason.

And Jenna also reminds us that “the new season of The Office starts THIS THURSDAY with a special one hour episode called “Fun Run”. The show picks up 2 months after the finale. You will know everything you want to know after this first episode. It’s great!” Check out the teaser on

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