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By Alex Apatoff
Updated October 14, 2016 06:16 PM
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

We interrupt your group text about who’s hosting the pregame to announce that yes, Jenna Dewan Tatum has stepped out of the house with a bold new look. The star attended the Variety Power of Women event in L.A. wearing a Halston Heritage jumpsuit, a silver cuff and a set of bangs that made us stop absentmindedly eating the Halloween candy scattered around our office and take notice.

Love them? You’re not alone. Devastated? Don’t panic: the star is just the latest addition to the celebrity faux bang brigade. Her stylist Kristin Ess gave us all the scoop on the one-day transformation and the subsequent “Helena Christensen vibes.”

“So, she has wanted a bang forever. I feel like she’s been asking me to make her a fake bang for about two years. We finally did it!” Ess said. But it wasn’t just as easy as adding some clip-ins and heading out the door. “Brad Goreski dressed her in this incredible white jumpsuit situation and the whole thing felt very ’70s chic. Once we saw her own hair with a full bang, it just looked too heavy, so we razored it into a soft shag with an A-line base.”

And those Helena Christensen vibes mentioned in Ess’ Instagram are fully intentional. “I would say that Helena Christiansen is her inspo for this look … but I would also say Helena Christiansen is her inspiration every day all day! She would say so, too!” Ess joked.

Planning to make all your friends wait while you recreate this look at home? Take Ess’ tips: “Product wise, it was prepped with Oribe thickening spray, dried with an Elchim dryer and a Spornette porcupine round brush, then very loosely bent with the 1 1/4-in. Marcel iron,” she said. “Last I scrunched in some lightweight curl creme (of which I can’t exactly give you the name yet!). That gives it a more natural, tousled, airdried looking finish.”

We can get the bangs (as long as we follow these tips) and the jumpsuit. Now we just need Dewan Tatum to lend us her hot husband for the full effect.

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  • Reporting by Jackie Fields