The star took a flying leap into her awesome gig

By Alex Apatoff
August 24, 2016 08:50 AM
Monica May/Courtesy Danskin

In case you hadn’t heard, Jenna Dewan Tatum is a pretty amazing dancer. (Oh, you missed that memo? We’ll wait here while you watch all of Step Up, check out her Lip Sync Battle performance and watch her “Toddlerography” twice.)

So it’s no surprise that dance apparel company Danskin wanted the actress, 35, to be the brand’s ambassador. And it’s also no surprise that Dewan Tatum jumped (well, grand jeté-d) at the chance.

“My mom reminded me, when I was four years old, starting a community dance class on the weekends and I had to wear a black leotard and pink tights,” Dewan Tatum told PeopleStyle on the set of her ad campaign shoot. “She got me a Danskin black little cap sleeve leotard and pink tights — that’s kind of why I jumped at this offer. I love Danskin, I’ve been wearing it for literally 30 years.”

The star says she’s loving the brand’s new “more on trend, edged-up” designs (especially when styled by Brad Goreski, as seen below) and is ready to break dancewear out of its leotards-and-legwarmers rut and try something new and fun: “I’d like to start designing something, my own line, but we’ll see if there is any interest there!”

Monica May/Courtesy Danskin
Monica May/Courtesy Danskin

She also says daughter Everly, 3, has a bit of ballerina in her (which makes sense, considering her parents fell in love on the set of a dance movie). “She has a leotard. The first thing she said to me today when she saw me on set, ‘Mommy, you’re wearing a leotard like me.’ We have a plethora of tutus. Name the color and the sparkle and we have it. She likes to layer her tutus, she’ll wear like four or five at once,” she said. “We started her in dance class and it was too structured for her. She really likes to be free and do her own thing, she’s her own little spirit. She likes a good dance, [but] the pressure is on or the attention is on, she’s like ‘No.’ To look at her in a leotard and tutu makes my heart melt, but I’m really conscious not to push it on her.”

Monica May/Courtesy Danskin
Monica May/Courtesy Danskin

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Though she may be known for her acting career and gorgeous style as much as her moves these days, Dewan Tatum says that her background (including backup dancing for Janet Jackson) informs so much of what she does today. On the red carpet, dance “instills a sense of confidence with your own body very early on, you’re very aware of where your body is and how you feel in your body and you’re much more comfortable … I’ve been on stages for all different levels and arenas and that doesn’t, it sort of doesn’t bother me in that way. It allows for certain extra bit of confidence.”

And heels? Not a problem for this lady. “Most of the jobs you do as a dancer, they require you to wear heels,” she says. “You rehearse in sneakers or tennis shoes and then ‘Oh, we’re wearing 4-in. heels? Okay.’ So you learn very quickly how to dance in heels … I got very adept at walking, dancing, everyone jokes, you can do anything in heels. I’m almost more comfortable in heels than I am in anything else.”

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Reporting by Kara Warner