Kardashian-Jenner Hairstylist Jen Atkin Defends Jaclyn Hill Amid Contaminated Lipstick Drama

"I want to let her and other budding brand builders know they're not alone!" the Ouai founder wrote

Jen Atkin, longtime Kardashian-Jenner family hairstylist and founder of haircare brand Ouai, jumped to defend YouTube beauty star Jaclyn Hill as she deals with ongoing backlash from customers for allegedly launching defective lipsticks.

Despite offering full refunds to every single customer that purchased one of her Jaclyn Cosmetics lipsticks (even those that are happy with their bullets), Hill, 28, is still getting dragged on social media for the launch. So Atkin, who created her own beauty brand in 2015, offered some support to the YouTuber in a heartfelt Instagram post.

“I recently saw what @jaclynhill has gone thru with her own line and want to let her and other budding brand builders know they’re not alone! We spare you guys the boring details and heartbreaks of us creating products and being at the mercy of packaging companies and labs that all promise us sometimes more then they can deliver,” Atkin wrote alongside a photo of a Ouai Foam Dry Shampoo that exploded.

Jaclyn Hill, Jen Atkin
Michael Loccisano/Getty; Alison Buck/Getty

She continued: “It’s all start-up problems and the headaches are what helps us become better brands. But sh*t happens and you guys are amazing for being patient and understanding and going along the journey of product development with us! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

Amid the backlash, Hill has disabled all her personal social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. A fan account for the star called @jaclynhillcloset claims a family member told her that Hill is taking “some time away from the criticism.”


Hill announced her brand would be issuing a full refund after weeks of fans’ complaints of finding hair fibers, lumps and tiny black holes in their products.

“I’m going to be issuing a full refund, including shipping and tax, to every single customer from Jaclyn Cosmetics,” Hill said in a statement shared on her Instagram Story. “I don’t care about the loss of this money. You know how embarrassing this is for me. I will do everything in my power to make this right moving forward and learn from this lesson God has given me.”

She added: “At this point, I have sent out my lipsticks to five different labs that test product vigorously. I have spent over $100,000 on this process.”

A representative for Jaclyn Cosmetics provided no comment to PEOPLE when asked if Hill planned on releasing the findings from the five lab tests she claims she is conducting.

Despite the backlash from customers both Hill and Jaclyn Cosmetics have repeatedly said the lipsticks are safe to use.

“After a thorough investigation and extensive third-party testing, several labs and safety assessors have confirmed that while a fraction of our lipsticks did not meet our brand standards of quality, they are in full compliance with FDA regulation and safe to use,” Jaclyn Cosmetics said in a statement.

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