The Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Collection launched on Nov. 1

By Hanna Flanagan
November 22, 2019 04:16 PM

After beauty guru Jaclyn Hill faced backlash for releasing faulty lipsticks — some customers discovered what appeared to be strands hairs inside the product; other said the formula was moldy — a second high-profile influencer is under fire for releasing contaminated products.

A small percentage of customers who purchased Jeffree Star’s best-selling Conspiracy Palette in collaboration with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson have claimed the makeup products were not up to industry standards.

Rumors that a few units were contaminated surfaced earlier this week, after one Twitter user shared a video of herself extracting a small piece of hair from the shade “Pig-Ment” in her Conspiracy Palette (which sold out so fast that it crashed Star’s website).

Credit: Jeffree Star/Twitter

“hey jeffree, i love the #ConspiracyPalette but i was swatching “pig-ment” and found a hair like material in it. i just wanted to address the issue and hopefully get it resolved,” she wrote. “I found a hair in my shade diet root beer such a bummer,” a second customer responded.

According to Star, 34, the hair-like strands some customers extracted from their palette were actually ribbons fibers.

Credit: Jeffree Star/Twitter
Credit: Jeffree Star/Twitter

The mogul — who boats over 16 million subscribers on YouTube and over 15 million followers on Instagram — is no stranger to public controversy. He’s feuded with everyone from Kat Von D to Kylie Jenner, and has been accused of racism and bullying by other influencers within the beauty community.

But despite the drama in his personal life, Star has proved he’s a skilled business owner who knows how to create high quality products, raking in more than $210 million dollars a year, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The latest news of fabric fibers in his eyeshadow formula marks one of the first times he’s received backlash over a product.

In true Star fashion, the brutally honest celebrity directly addressed the rumors on Twitter and Instagram Stories.

“I want to talk about something that has been going around the Internet. On Twitter, there is a post where there is a girl that shows pulling out a fiber from her Mini Controversy Palette,” he said on Instagram Stories. “It is all over Twitter and a lot of you are asking for information. What the hell is it?

“Over the last few days, I have been investigating these claims with my lab, and I have a full answer and I am excited to share it with you guys so everyone can see what exactly happened,” he added. “Now, full transparency, we made over 1.1 million eyeshadow palettes. My customer service team has received only 35 emails with an issue… 35 palettes out of 1.1 million have had issues. That is 0.000 percent.”

“I really pride myself on my customer service. Jeffree Star Cosmetics has been in business for over five years now. I always like to come directly to you guys, to the source, and explain everything because a lot of people are trying to come for me and Shane,” Star said.

In another Instagram Stories clip, the beauty guru called out Hill by name and denied any comparisons between her lipstick launch (the first from her debut brand, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics) and the Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Collection.

Credit: Jeffree Star/Twitter

“I’m fully investigating everything. A lot of people are trying to put this next to the Jaclyn Hill lipstick launch. You guys, stop. I address everyone fully. I’m not blocking anyone. I’m not deleting my social media account. And that’s no shade but that’s not how I handle things. I am always fully transparent. So to compare my situation to someone else’s just is not fair.”

“It looks disgusting! My lab needed to explain themselves,” he admitted before sharing an official statement from the makeup lab and a video explaining how the errors occurred.

“It’s not toxic. It’s completely safe but it is still disgusting and it does not represent my brand,” Star concluded. “So anyone that has had that issue, please of course email customer care. And anyone that already has full refund, brand new palette, it’s just that easy.”