Jeannie Mai Shares Idyllic Swimsuit Snap 1 Month After Emergency Surgery Ended DWTS Journey

The TV personality and her fiancé Jeezy escaped for a beach getaway as Mai continues to recover from throat surgery    

Jeannie Mai treated herself to a tropical Thanksgiving getaway one month after undergoing emergency surgery.

After The Real co-host was forced to withdraw from competing on Dancing with the Stars because of a "near life-threatening" parapharyngeal abscess which resulted in immediate surgery, she decided to take some time to unwind and rest up in a beautiful setting. Mai, 41, took proper COVID-19 precautions and traveled to a secluded private beach for a relaxing getaway alongside her fiancé Jeezy.

"Leftover turkey😴," Mai captioned a stunning photo as she lounged in the sun in a plunging cut-out Matte Collection one-piece while sitting next to an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean.

Mai recently opened up to PEOPLE about her scary diagnosis and the moment her doctor discovered a "huge abscess that was growing" in her throat that needed to be removed.

jeannie mai
jeannie mai / instagram

"My sore throat turned out to be strep throat that quickly turned into a parapharyngeal abscess," Mai explained. "I was breathing like Darth Vader. It was a traumatic experience."

Jeannie Mae
Jeannie Mai.

While Mai had hoped she would be able to return to Dancing with the Stars, her doctor told her it wasn't a safe option.

"I thought maybe I can do the surgery on a Tuesday, take a week to heal, watch the routines virtually and figure it out. But he said, 'Absolutely not.' Because any form of respiratory work — like walking fast, getting excited, laughing — causes the blood pressure to swell in your throat, because that's one of your main pipelines for breathing, and that alone could even erupt or swell them closed more," she said.

Following the successful surgery, Mai had to rest and "stay quiet for two weeks" and had to limit her diet.

"Eating foods, I didn’t eat any hot foods for two weeks. You could actually do really big damage," said Mai. "So I ate a lot of cold soups and a lot of juices."

Jeannie Mai
Jeannie Mai. ABC

As a result of the constricted diet, Mai dropped 10 lbs. "The other thing mentally is I got kind of depressed because I lost about 10 lbs. from just eating liquids, so I am really frail right now. Really, really frail," said Mai, who also said she felt "really tired because I’m so underweight and malnourished."

While the recovery process was difficult, Mai said she was grateful to have a strong support system that helped get her through it.

"The past few weeks felt loonng and heavy as I couldn't speak or leave bed. But the calls, text messages, funny videos, matzo ball soupssss, bone broths😋 & encouraging words from all my friends in work and LIFE brought me back to 💯 ‼," Mai said on Instagram.

She continued: "THANK YOU #MAIFAM for all your love..pls give me some time as I'm still sending thank yous! I'll see u TONIGHT on @dancingabc and ladies of @THEREALDAYTIME THANK YOU for holding it down! Your Asian sensation bout to be BACK TOMORROW cuz she misses talking hunnnay😬🗣."

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