Jeannie Mai Says Marriage to Jeezy 'Catapulted Our Relationship to a Whole Other Atmosphere'

The Holey Moley and The Real host, who's married to Jeezy, shares that her style game has only gotten stronger since their union.

Jeannie Mai; Jeezy
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For Jeannie Mai Jenkins, the honeymoon phase just keeps going.

"Married life is so fun," the Holey Moley co-host tells PEOPLE. "I'm very thankful to have met a partner who's really mature about the way we want our marriage to be."

Mai Jenkins, 42, who married musician Jeezy (born Jay Wayne Jenkins) in March during an intimate ceremony at their Atlanta home, says that while their relationship "feels just like when we were dating," the commitment that marriage brings has "really catapulted our relationship to a whole other atmosphere," she says. "It's so comfortable, safe, and fun."

Jeezy and Mai Jenkins, who recently teamed up with the boozy tea brand Owl's Brew to be their Chief Brand Officer, pulled out all the sartorial stops for the event, and she says that her happy relationship continues to inspire her to dress her best.

"My fashion has only gotten better," she says. "I think that fashion and style for women is an indicator of how you're feeling inside. Being married, being in a healthy relationship ... These things help make Jeannie Mai proud and filled with purpose. So because of that, I look at myself in the mirror in the morning, and I get excited about what I'm going to put on."

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai
Jeannie Mai and Jeezy. Jeezy/Twitter

Marriage didn't change her style, she says; rather, "marriage added to it, because I feel good about my relationship. But you ask any woman, if she's not in a healthy relationship, that does start showing in your clothing. Why do you think every time a woman gets out of the bunk relationship, she has a glow-up? All of a sudden she's taking care of herself. We don't always put ourselves first."

Mai Jenkins, on the other hand, is all about prioritizing herself and making sure it shows. She credits her success on The Real, her upcoming clothing line and her new role at Owl's Brew as factors in her style. "Seeing myself fulfill [my dreams and goals] and deliver them ... make me in turn go, 'Yes, Jeannie. You're doing it. You're killing it. Keep going.' You see it in the way I look."

Jeannie Mai
Courtesy Jeannie Mai

As an Owl's Brew fan, she even draws parallels between her love for the perfect tea mix with her love for the way she and Jeezy have established their marriage, to always provide what the other needs most at any moment.

"The same way I was talking about customizing your tea to have the blend of things that you want to fix within you, you can do that with a mature partner," she says. "If you feel that you need a little bit more attention in certain areas, whether it's quality time, or a good cuddle sesh, or whatever it may be ... You go through so many ebbs and flows in your life that you want your partner to kind of fill the need that you lack most at that time, and I have a partner that does that."

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