"Designers don't make something for a guy his height and size," his stylist tells PEOPLE

By Kate Hogan
Updated April 27, 2012 10:00 PM

Johns PKI/Splash News Online

Dressing Jason Segel sounds like kind of a dream job, but his stylist, Leesa Evans, says it’s not always easy.

“Both Jason and [Five-Year Engagement costar] Chris Pratt are hilarious — those two would make me laugh so hard that it was actually hard to get our work done,” she tells PEOPLE of fittings for the flim. “It’s constant jokes and silliness.”

All gags aside, Evans says Segel is actually a stress-free client to work with. “Dressing Jason is delightful because he’s very easygoing and really communicative about what makes him feel good,” she explains. “But it’s harder to find things that fit guys like him, because a lot of times certain designers don’t make something for a guy his height and size.”

However, Evans thinks it’s a good problem to have. “He’s lucky to be six-foot-four,” she jokes.

Evans, who also dresses funnymen Paul Rudd and Russell Brand, says it’s often easier to style men than women for red carpet events. “There’s less focus,” she shares. “These events are definitely more about the women.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s not working just as hard to make her clients stand out. “You want to find things that make guys feel great,” she shares. “I like finding that place in guys where they feel sexy and confident, just like women. It’s great getting to that point with an actor and his clothes.” Catch Segel (and Evans’s styles!) in
The Five-Year Engagement
, out Friday.