Jason Derulo Launches a Clothing Line Because 'People Are Going to Want to Look Like What I Look Like'

Singer Jason Derulo talks about his new fashion line with LVL XIII

Jason Derulo And Antonio Brown Hold Dinner To Launch New Men's Fashion Line
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Jason Derulo is taking his love of fashion to the next level—LVL XIII (pronounced Level Thirteen), to be exact.

The singer, 27, partnered with Antonio Brown’s streetwear-meets-luxury sneaker brand as a co-designer. Together, they’ll launch the first apparel collection for the brand, which will debut in select Bloomingdale’s stores this August.

“Through everything that I’ve been doing, it’s about building Jason Derulo the brand,” Derulo tells PeopleStyle at the N.Y.C. launch for the line held at Tao Downtown. “It’s not like I’m not going to be a singer, of course – that’s my passion. But this is just another one of my passions. I love creating this stuff.”

Jason Derulo And Antonio Brown Hold Dinner To Launch New Men's Fashion Line
Rob Kim/Getty

And collaborating with Brown seems to have involved some heavenly intervention. “It’s one of those things that felt like it wasn’t just by chance—it felt divine,” he says.” Because we’re on the same wavelength a lot of the time. It has been a wonderful process thus far.”

So, what’s their unique approach to men’s fashion? Derulo describes it as “leveling up.”

“It’s that’s that extra little tailored look,” Derulo says. “That refined look. It’s a little upscale. I feel like there are a lot of guys out there that feel the same way I felt, when I was searching for what leveling up was. And I feel like this brand will allow a lot of guys to feel what that feels like.”

Brown agrees: “It’s like a futuristic style,” says the designer. “It’s very fashion forward, yet still relatable.”

The debut includes an ombré clear-to-black raincoat (starting at $400), which Derulo wore in his new “Swalla” video (below). “I just had to have it on,” he says. “ I feel like a lot of people are going to want to look like what I look like. Already, people ask me, ‘What was that see-through jacket you had on?’ I’m getting tweet after tweet after tweet.”


The pair is also excited about their jacket that turns into a backpack—yes, that’s right—which will sell for $495 (below). “If you’re in a room and you’re feeling warm but it’s cold outside, turn that jacket into a book bag but then it’s a fly-ass book bag,” Derulo explains. “It’s not corny. It’s not cheesy. It’s a fashionable book bag.”


And, at this point, Derulo has so many new clothes, he needed a new space to store them all, as his amazing walk-in closet (pictured below) just didn’t have enough room.

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“I’m not going to lie to you, I made a new closet,” he says. “I had too many clothes and shoes. It started to look like a mess. It went from this sexy-ass closet, the closet of my dreams to a f—ing pigsty. There was stuff everywhere. I had a tanning room from before I moved there, so I changed the tanning room into another closet.”

That’s definitely next level.

For more information on the new line, visit lvlxiii.com.

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