Model Jasmine Sanders Shares the Beauty Tricks She's Learned From Kylie Jenner, and How She Embraced Her Curls

Everything you need to know about Golden Barbie's spiral strands

Justine Sanders ; Courtesy Moroccanoil
Photo: Courtesy Moroccanoil

If you’re not familiar with model Jasmine Sanders — or Golden Barbie as she’s known on Instagram — it’s time to get acquainted. Not only does she have nearly two million Instagram followers, but she’s also super tight with the KarJenner squad; she just embarked on a tropical vacation with Kim and starred in Kylie’s lip gloss music video. And as if her pictures aren’t already enough of a source of beauty inspiration, she’s now the face of Moroccanoil‘s new curl collection, for which she’s flaunting her natural ringlets. We spoke to the 25-year-old model about how she grew to embrace her curls, and what she’s learned from hanging out with Kylie.

“I have a beauty few tricks from Kim but I want to keep those a secret,” Sanders tells Peoplestyle, laughing. “But Kylie has showed me a lot. She’s showed me very good tips with her lip glosses and lip liners, like mixing some of the colors that she has just to give you a poutier lip.”

And although Jenner’s just a teen, Sanders is impressed by her success in the industry, adding that the rising beauty mogul knows — and gets — what she wants.

“At the lip kit photo shoot [Jenner] was like, ‘I want that color with that color and this with this.’ She definitely runs the show. She’s a force to be reckoned with — you have to watch out for her — she’s still a teenager and moving like you would never imagine at this point.”

Filming the Kylie Cosmetics lip gloss announcement video was “so much fun,” Sanders says: “She called me up and she was like, ‘Girl, it’s gonna be extremely fun. I want you to play my best friend in it and let’s just rock out and have a great time in the desert.’ We had such an amazing time. Kylie is crazy, and she keeps everybody having a good time.”

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Though her video debut showed her with stick-straight strands, Sanders says she’s embraced her curls these days, thanks to some help from products including Moroccanoil.

“I’m all curly now, cause I know what I’m doing,” she says of her newfound love for her ringlets. “I wasn’t embracing them, because I didn’t know what to do with my hair for so long. But now I find myself looking at photos and I’m like ‘Oh, you haven’t worn your hair straight in a really long time. I’m just living with it and having fun and I’m just enjoying them on a different level than I used to.”

To style her strands, the model swears by Moroccanoil’s Smoothing Mask for hydration, Curl Re-Energizing Spray for touch-ups between castings, and a curling iron to amp up natural texture.

“I think every girl needs to use a curling iron,” she says. “Every now and then you have to touch up here and there. My hair is so curly, so after a couple of days of wearing it natural, I’ll put a little bit of argan oil in my hands and apply it through each strand of hair, and curl any piece that I see needs a little bit of help. You’re still rocking your natural curls, but you’re just livening them up.”

Now, Sanders is determined to help curly girls everywhere have good hair days. “I love being able to tell girls, ‘Hey, you have amazing curls but guess what? I know something that might change your life.’ We all have the struggle of hating them. It was a love/hate relationship growing up. And now it’s just like, OK, I can embrace my curls because I know what I’m doing with them.”

She’s got other beauty advice to share, too: “Don’t go to sleep with makeup on your face, don’t work out at the gym with makeup on. I’m sorry, guys would much rather be impressed by you once you’re out of the gym, your body looks hot and your face is great because you’re not breaking out from caking on for way too long.”

You know what they say — Golden Barbie knows best.

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