Jasmine Sanders Is the Face of Vince Camuto's New Fragrance: 'I Feel Confident When Wearing It'

The model and Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year winner teamed up with the fashion brand for the launch of its Illuminare scent

Illuminare by Vince Camuto, Jasmine Sanders
Courtesy Illuminare

Coming hot off the heels of being named Sports Illustrated’s 2019 Rookie of The Year, model Jasmine Sanders is adding another impressive gig to her resumé: She’s the face of Vince Camuto’s new Illuminare perfume. And the first person she’s sharing a bottle with? Her mom.

“As a makeup artist, my mom collects very miniature antique bottles of perfume,” Sanders tells PEOPLE. “I have a bottle with her name on it. I’m very excited [to give] it to her.”

Sander’s passion for perfume started with her mother’s collection. “She had this mirrored shelf with the little bottles that I used to dust off, clean out and organize,” the model says. “That was my chore when I was around seven-years-old. I was so fascinated with the bottles; the different shapes, the different scents and stories the bottles told.”

So, her choice to join the Vince Camuto family as the face of their Illuminare fragrance was an easy one.

Illuminare by Vince Camuto, Jasmine Sanders
Courtesy Illuminare

“It needed to be something that I’m really going to wear and enjoy wearing,” she adds. “It felt natural saying ‘yes’ after seeing how beautiful the product is and how much I loved the scent. I had already partnered with them for the clothing campaign, and now doing their fragrance, I’m really excited to announce everything.”

The Illuminare scent, which Sanders describes as “sweet” with hints of floral — specifically red roses — gets the star compliments every time she wears it. “If I feel a certain amount of confidence from wearing it, then that’s my fragrance,” she notes.

The confidence and power she gains through the scent is why it’s her go-to for dates, events and times when she needs an extra bit of strength.

“A very strong, bold woman would wear this fragrance,” Sanders describes. “Someone who is not afraid to walk into the room and own it. And I definitely try to do that as much as I can. There are nerves every now and then, but you’ve got to find your confidence in some way.”

Aside from her go-to Illuminare scent, which she will be bringing into fall, Sanders relies on a great pair of boots for a confidence booster.

“I love shoes,” she adds. “I have a lot of snake-skin prints and fun-printed shoes. So I definitely love thigh highs and anything that wraps around your leg – something comfortable but sexy.”

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