The star's stylist answers those questions we all want to know

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty

Will Jared Leto steal Beyoncé’s style for the Oscars?

We all remember Queen B’s slick do during her “Drunk in Love” performance at the Grammys, and Leto’s stylist suggested the Dallas Buyers Club actor may try something similar with his long locks Sunday.

“The only thing I can say right now is I’m all about the ‘wet look,'” Chase Kusero, the brains behind Leno’s mane for six years, told Into the Gloss.

Kusero also teased that a revamped version of Leto’s infamous Golden Globes man bun may return.

“The big thing on my shoulders right now is if the hair is gonna be up or down. I’m voting up, because we’ve only done it maybe once before. I want to do something with a side part this time, something cleaner,” he told the beauty website. “And I want to try to get a bun that’s nice and small, more like a traditional knot. The pony-bun press was kind of funny — I don’t know if he liked all that or not.”

However Leto wears his hair, he’s sure to make waves in the celebrity world. According to Kusero, stars including Olivia Wilde, Rachel Bilson and Julia Roberts have all asked about Leto’s trendy tresses — though the actor isn’t necessarily thrilled with the frenzy.

“It’s really important that he doesn’t look like a woman — that’s the biggest challenge. It’s hard to have him not end up on the ‘best hair’ lists — and that definitely hasn’t been our intention,” he said. “He does have amazing hair, so it’s kind of inevitable.”

For all the details on Leto’s Oscar night look, check back here on Sunday. How would you like to see him wear his lustrous mane?

–Michele Corriston