Get a behind-the-scenes look at the star's first fragrance campaign

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated December 19, 2019 05:39 AM
Credit: Gucci

From his hair to his seemingly ageless skin, Jared Leto is arguably one of the most well-groomed men in Hollywood. And now, he’s taking his looks one step further by starring in Gucci Guilty’s new campaign, marking his latest fragrance gig — and a very sexy one at that. Below, everything you need to know from Leto about his new adventure in beauty, as well as how much (er, little) time he spends on his hair.

Why did you decide the time was right to do a fragrance ad?
“Alessandro Michele [Gucci’s creative director] drew me to the project. We met and it all happened really organically. This wasn’t something that was really on either of our minds when we met. We spend some time together in Los Angeles and I was already aware of who he was and had a deep respect for his work and what he was doing, which was quite explosive. You know, even someone like me can see the genius in what he does and the beauty in what he’s created. So I think we connected on some level and we spoke, although not the same language, we spoke a similar creative language and we got along really well and it just kind of led to this, which is great. It’s been quite a joy to be part of this. It’s just a small group of people trying to make something that they are really proud of. Something different, creative and fun, and something that takes chances.”

What was the best part of shooting this ad?
“The campaign was shot by Glen Luchford in Venice, Italy, one of the most magical places in the world. I think it brings out a sense of magic and adventure in people, it certainly does in me. It’s a city that allows you to explore yourself and discover and redefine who you are and i think it’s a perfect place to set this Gucci Guilty story.

For my character, we came up with a bit of a story about how much fun it would be if one day you woke up and you were told that you inherited this palace in Venice — this fortress on the water — and what that would be like and how you can come to a city like this and rediscover who you are. ‘What if?’ ‘What are the possibilities here?'”

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Tag Worldwide

These ads are very sexy. How did this shoot compare to shooting a sexy movie?

“This was very much like shooting a movie. It is a unique story of this guy and two women on an adventure. I think it is disruptive in the way that it explores sensuality and sexuality, and it’s surreal. It’s not your typical kind of fragrance campaign. It’s very filmic and cinematic, and very suggestive in terms of narrative. It plays with some of the iconic films that were created by people like Bertolucci or Rogue and films like 1900 or Last Tango in Paris. Films that challenged the expectations that the audience might have and push the boundary in terms of sexuality and identity. I have been preparing for this role my whole life.”

What’s your favorite scent in the world?
“The smell of a fireplace. That’s a very strong memory for me as a kid, like a campfire, a fire around the holidays in the house, a wood stove.”


Do you wear different fragrances to get into character?
“I thought about it for the Joker [in Suicide Squad], and how scent affects your memories and experiences. So I thought about it quite a bit and also about attraction and repulsion of characters, about how you smell other people. I remember Margot [Robbie] had a perfume designed. She asked me about what I liked to smell, and then she had something designed with those scents so that I would smell that and be attracted, so it was kind of fun and interesting.”

Your style was almost as talked about as your female Suicide Squad costars’ on the press tour – how do you approach a tour style? What about the current Gucci look speaks to you so much?
Alessandro [Michele] has made it fun for men to wear clothes again. I mean he really celebrates in a way that other people haven’t. I said that he makes it as fun for a man to wear clothes as it may be for women and that’s a difficult thing to do.


How would you describe your style now, and how has it evolved over the years?
“You do what you do and you make your choices. Sometimes people love my style, sometimes they don’t. I think one year I was the worst dressed man for GQ and then the next year I was the best… so what can you do?”

You also have more fun with your hair than most Hollywood guys. How much maintenance does it require?
“I don’t put that much thought into it to tell you the truth. Usually it’s for a role. Sometimes it’s just because I got bored or something. My grooming routine doesn’t require much maintenance.”

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