See the actor sans beard (but with a very unique mustache!)

Jared Leto hair mania has calmed a bit since award season ended, but PEOPLE editors are always keeping an eye on the actor’s grooming practices. His hair is just too pretty not to gush over. So is his face, at which we’re now getting a good look in a new photo that he posted on Instagram. Did he shave off his scruff? Is he rocking an ombré mustache? Well, that’s what we thought, but the master of the hair fakeout post has tricked us once again.

Jared Leto shaves beard

Courtesy Jared Leto (2)

The Oscar winner posted a selfie on Instagram, with a new clean-shaven look, except for his very interesting, very straggly handlebar mustache. “How ya like my #stash!,” he captioned the above photo. But the snap happens to be from about a year ago, and he didn’t give us the throwback heads up. (So breath ease, that facial hair pattern isn’t happening right now.)

We do think Leto looks younger without a beard (very Jordan Catalano of him) and you can see his bone structure better, but the patchy, dip-dyed ‘stache wouldn’t quite fit with this look now. His flowing mane has become such a signature look for him; however, the 30 Second to Mars frontman is no stranger to changing up his locks — sporting everything from platinum mohawaks to orange highlights to mini mullets. And it is summer, so it’s possible he wants to avoid “sweaty neck” à la Mindy Kaling.

What do you think of Leto’s new look? Are you loving the mustache or should he shave that too? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico