Jared Leto on Shaving His Eyebrows and Wearing Lipstick in Back-to-Back Films: 'I'm Going to Feel Naked' in My Next Movie

The actor says he's going to feel 'kind of naked' without the look

Jared Leto doesn’t seem like the type to get emotionally attached to his hair — he’s gone from natural ombré to platinum to pink — but turns out there is a beauty look he’s going to miss. In a new interview he says he’s the only actor to portray different eyebrow-less, lipstick-wearing characters in back-to-back films and says he’ll feel “naked” on his next movie set without the look.

Jared Leto

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On the
Ellen DeGeneres Show
he talks about his upcoming film Suicide Squad describing the chance to play The Joker as “terrifying and exciting and an honor.” So he was fully dedicated to shaving his head (this was the first chop since his 2014 award season man bun days), dyeing it bright green and shaving off his eyebrows to really help him get into character.

He describes the experience on set as “the most fun I’ve ever had on a film in my life” but realized he really developed a trend: “I’m probably the only actor in Hollywood who’s shaved their eyebrows and worn lipstick back to back in two films.” (His Academy-Award winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club playing a transgender woman was the first time.)

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“They started to grow back slower and slower so I got a little scared. But they did come back,” he says about the re-growth process. “It’s going to be strange to make a film with eyebrows and without lipstick. I’m going to feel kind of naked.”

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In the interview, Leto also explains why he chose to wear a tie-dye onesie in the desert earlier this year (you remember the one) saying, “That was a very special day in the desert.” While DeGeneres adds, “I think we all know what that means. That’s when something like that [onesie] is appropriate.”

What do you think of his eyebrow-less, lipstick-wearing roles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

— Colleen Kratofil

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