Jane Seymour on Turning 70, Why She Hasn't Had a Facelift and Being a 'Glass-Half-Full Person'

As she rings in her 70th birthday, the actress embraces another year of life with positivity and happiness

Jane Seymour for new beauty
Photo: John Russo

Jane Seymour isn't worried about getting older. In fact, the actress, who turns 70 years old on February 15, feels no different now than ever before.

"I feel the same. I'm a glass-half-full person. My thinking is, 'Just be as young as you possibly can be,'" the actress says in her NewBeauty cover story, out now.

As much as she likes to live without regrets, Seymour said she does wish she could tell her younger self one important piece of beauty advice: "That young girl who lived in England where it's cloudy and rainy most of the time — that she shouldn't bask in the sun with a reflector board and cooking oil during those two weeks of vacation! But, I stopped sun-worshipping a long time ago, so I guess I'm lucky there."

Jane Seymour for new beauty
John Russo

Now, Seymour credits her youthful appearance to a regimented skin-care routine, which includes Crepe Erase body products (she's been a spokesperson for years).

"I think having good skin is really the secret to not aging your face," Seymour told NewBeauty. "Using retinol at night, protecting yourself from the sun, using the great skincare that plumps your skin and pretty much anything that makes me feel healthy is the best anti-aging secret I know."

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She also set the record straight about plastic surgery, explaining that while she's never gotten a facelift, Seymour isn't opposed to it either.

"As of now, I have chosen not to have a facelift — but I have nothing against any of it, nothing. Almost everyone I know is doing it and they're really thrilled with the results," Seymour said.

Jane Seymour for New beauty
John Russo

"I think it's great, and if I felt that somebody could do something that wouldn't change my face, and I would have the results where I would look just like me, I would do it," she added. "I'm not saying I'd never do it, but I haven't done it yet."

Although the star is entering her 70s, she has no plans to slow down work anytime soon. "I'm working on so many movies right now it's unbelievable," The War with Grandpa star told PEOPLE. She recently shot a film called Ruby's Choice in Australia, will be playing Eleanor of Aquitaine in a series she has been filming in Spain "on and off all year" and has a number of as-yet-unannounced projects she's "very excited" about.

Jane Seymour
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As for being considered a sex symbol in Hollywood, Seymour said with a laugh, "I don't quite understand what a sex symbol means, but am I still a full-blooded woman? Definitely!"

"And 69, to me, just appears to be a number," the former Bond girl went on to say of the "flattering" sex-symbol term. "I'm feeling incredibly healthy and well."

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