Jane Seymour, 69, Smiles in a Sports Bra as She 'Shares Some Encouragement' with Fans

The actress posed in her workout wear to share a positive message on Instagram

Jane Seymour is showing off her sportswear in her latest empowering Instagram post.

The actress, 69, stood confidently with her arms thrown above her head in a garden wearing a black sports bra, ankle-length leggings and slip-on sneakers while she smiled wide to celebrate National Day of Encouragement.

"Today is #NationalDayofEncouragement and in case nobody has told you recently, I am PROUD of you! 🥰," Seymour wrote in her caption on Instagram. "We are collectively experiencing these difficult times but you are overcoming obstacles day by day. Share some encouragement with the people in your life and tag them below!"

jane seymour
Jane Seymour/Instagram

The next day, Seymour posted a video sitting on a small waterfall and reminded her fans the importance of taking time for themselves.

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"Today I want to remind you of the importance of self-care. From taking a relaxing bath to cooking your favourite meal, self-care means something different for everyone," the star said. As for herself, Seymour said she "truly enjoys the comforting sounds of waves and running water."

She added, "Take a moment to think of small things you can do to nurture your soul."

Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour/Instagram

When PEOPLE caught up with Seymour earlier this year, she revealed that she stays away from heavy filters and editing when she posts photos on Instagram.

“I don’t retouch any of those pictures, it’s just me out there,” she said. “You can tell in the one in the waterfall, I certainty didn’t put hair and makeup and do anything for that. I was getting splashed by a serious, serious waterfall there.”

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