Jane Seymour Says She Never Retouches Her Swimsuit Photos on Instagram: 'It's Just Me Out There'

The legendary actress shares her skincare secrets and how she stays happy and healthy at 69

If you follow Jane Seymour on Instagram then you know she never shies away from a good swimsuit snap. The actress, 69, loves showing off her colorful one-piece collection on the beach, which she proved during a recent getaway with her sisters.

"I don't retouch any of those pictures, it's just me out there," she tells PEOPLE. "You can tell in the one in the waterfall, I certainty didn't put hair and makeup and do anything for that. I was getting splashed by a serious, serious waterfall there."

When asked what she would tell other women who want that same confidence in their swimsuits, she said she doesn't have any crazy secrets to looking and feeling her best — just maintaining balance.

Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour / Instagram

"I felt that there are a lot of people I know who just give up," Seymour explains. "They have the babies and they say, 'Okay, I'm done caring about how I look and staying in shape.' And then I think they think that people like me go to exotic spas and do all kinds of special treatments and I don't do any of that. I think I wanted to show people what would happen if you just did a very simple regimen like I do, where you're not on any specialty diet, you eat as sensible as you can, everything in moderation."

Seymour says she sticks to a Mediterranean diet full of fish, nuts and vegetables and has recently tried out intermittent fasting and found that it "really works."

But feeling good in her skin also comes from taking good care of it. Seymour says she always washes her face "really, really well" before bed and has her skincare routine down to a science.

"I exfoliate really, really well. Then I use Crepe Erase — and I tend to use a lot of it. I love it and I put it in the regular places, on my chest, my arms, my legs and even my face. It's all about plumping this skin up and enabling it to reset itself, too."

Lately, Seymour hasn't just been making waves with her swimsuit photos, but on the red carpet as well. She turned heads at the SAG Awards and the Elton John Oscars viewing party — and got herself glammed for each event.

"People laugh at me because even at the Emmy's and the Oscars and at the SAG Awards, I did my own hair and makeup," she shares. "I had fun with it. I didn't book anybody for my glam, I couldn't fit it in my schedule so what did I do? Well, I got my paint brush out and I went okay, I've had the privilege of having the best makeup and hair people do me, let's see if I can do it myself. And it was actually really fun. I had fun doing it."

It's also not the first time she ditched the glam squad. "I've done my own makeup and hair for very, very, very long time and sometimes occasionally, hairdressers go, 'Wow, I didn't know you could do that.' And sometimes I can actually show the pros some new tricks. But again, it's the privilege of working on the different movies I do all over the world, different people have different techniques, and you learn different things. And if you are an artist, as I am, you pick it up, you enjoy mixing [makeup] colors and blending them."

Jane Seymour
Broadimage/Shutterstock ; Rob Latour/Variety/Shutterstock

When it comes to red carpet dressing, she loves sticking to her go-to designers, such as Tadashi Shoji and Jovani. "To me, it doesn't matter what it costs or even if I wore it before. If it's the dress that's going to make me feel great that night and I can have fun in it then that's the one I want."

And she's true to her word. Just weeks after attending the SAG Awards, the actress re-wore her sparkly silver sequin SHO gown to the Open Hearts Foundation Gala in February. "I thought, 'You know what, this is such a beautiful dress and it's comfortable and I can dance in it and have fun.'"

She says she was allowed to keep this dress in particular, so it may make another appearance soon. Either way, it's joining a well-stocked archive she has at home.

"I used to be able to keep all my costumes so I have in my closet everything from the 1700s up to the present day. And I've got some amazing selection of clothes from all the movies I've been in. So all the beautiful '40s clothes that the late Nolan Miller did for me for Crossings. And I've got individual pieces by Karl Lagerfeld, David Emanuel designed all kinds of amazing outfits for me when I did War and Remembrance and on and on. So I have quite a history in my closet."

And she's saving it all up for her granddaughter. "She's only 7, but she has discovered my closet and my shoes," Seymour says. "She loves dressing up."

The actress may have a lot more costumes to add to her collection after her next round of movies are made. She's currently shooting the miniseries, Glow and Darkness, has two more projects starting filming soon, and the movies Friendsgiving with Malin Akerman and Kat Dennings and The War with Grandpa, alongside Robert De Niro, will be out later this year.

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