February 25, 2014 04:58 PM

Courtesy Icing

Sailor Brinkley. Bria Murphy. Ireland Baldwin. Sosie Bacon. And now, Corinne Foxx. What do all these girls have in common? Until recently, you knew them only as red carpet plus-ones for their famous parents — but now they’ve launched their own careers as models. We’ve got a look at Foxx’s modeling debut for accessories line Icing, and the 20-year-old gives us all the exclusive scoop on her first-ever photoshoot, which included an on-set visit from dad Jamie, who brought her lunch.

Foxx tells PEOPLE that she had a blast on set, and learned a ton too. “A lot of people think that modeling is just about looking pretty, but there is definitely a lot more thought and work that goes into it,” she says of the Palm Springs, Calif. shoot. “I had so much fun on set, but by the end of the day, I was exhausted. My favorite part was definitely all the prepping. We changed my hair, makeup, outfit and jewelry at least five times a day!”

Her favorite beauty look from the set was “these really pretty French braids … I’m a terrible braider but I’ve been trying to re-create that look and I’ve been getting pretty close. YouTube tutorials videos are surprisingly helpful!” she says. As for the jewelry she wanted to nab? “I fell in love with the ‘tanklette’ – it’s a toe ring/anklette. I did not want to take it off at the end of the shoot; luckily I got to take it home with some other cool pieces.” She’s already got those model perks down!

Courtesy Icing

“Corinne was a breath of fresh air. Her energy and overall spirit made the shoot even better,” says Dawnyell Bowen, Icing’s global brand director. “Her personal style and ability to turn heads was very attractive to us. She is a beautiful young lady and our jewelry and accessories looked fantastic on her. She really brought them to life in her own unique and special way.”

Of course, Foxx is no stranger to being on camera, having accompanied dad Jamie on red carpets since she was a kid. “My dad has been taking me to red carpet events since I was 10 years old … It’s funny because my dad and I get completely star-struck,” she shares. “I have two favorite red carpet looks: the orange gown that I wore to the 2013 NAACP Image Awards and the crop top/skirt combo I wore to this year’s Grammys.”

So she’s had plenty of time to develop her personal style, which she describes as one that “changes everyday … In essence though, the Cali girl inside of me takes over most days. I like to keep things relaxed, flowy and pretty. A cute sandal, a maxi dress, and sunglasses are all that I need,” she shares.

So is she planning to become professionally stylish now that she’s landed her first campaign? “I had so much fun working with Icing that I would love to continue with print work. Hopefully, this is the first of many modeling experiences,” she says. “I also want to act. I’ve done a little bit of acting, but am ready to pursue it now. But, graduating from college is the highest on my ‘to do’ list right now. My studies come first!”

Check out Foxx on set, and see what happens when she gets a surprise visit from a very famous face (that she happens to be related to):

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–Alex Apatoff

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