The star shows off some pretty, patriotic new looks

By Alex Apatoff
Updated February 11, 2014 07:43 PM


When you’re an Olympic athlete — particularly one who spends a huge chunk of her day in frigid temps or face-down in the snow after attempting an especially difficult trick — your beauty routine tends to take a beating. So when Jamie Anderson nabbed a gold medal for her thrilling slopestyle run, P&G thought she might be overdue for a little pampering and invited her to their Sochi “Family Home” to get a mini-facial and some extra sprucing up, red-white-and-blue style.

Anderson arrived, gold medal in tow, to try out the braids and nail art, and spoke to PEOPLE about her whirlwind week. “It’s been so fun … I’m trying to embrace every moment,” she said. “Finally, I get to relax a little bit!”

The star (and her sisters) got their tips painted with patriotic nail art (a favorite of the Summer Olympics athletes, too!) “I did an American flag on my ring finger and gold on my other nails,” she said. (Want their look? The nail artists brushed on a coat of CoverGirl “Lasting Love,” then using a thin eyeliner brush, filled in the upper left corner with “Sapphire Flame” and added white details with — appropriately — “Snowstorm.”)

While their manicures dried, all the Anderson sisters sat for Pantene to get the “Biathalon braid” (see the how-to below). “I loved seeing it on all my sisters,” she said, “and I’d totally wear it on the slopes! We all look so good.”[brightcoveplayer 3187531750001]

Anderson tells us her day-to-day routine is not quite as elaborate as the look above. “My beauty routine is pretty natural; I like [Olay] Fresh Effects BB cream and hydrating gel. [At the end of the day], I take everything off with wet wipes,” she says, adding that she’s relying on her makeup to keep her looking awake — because she’s too excited to sleep. “I need rest but I don’t want to take any time off, I’m having such a good time!”

Would you try either of these looks? How awesome is Anderson? Tell us your favorite Olympics moments below!

–Alex Apatoff