November 10, 2006 07:00 PM

Is your man dorky or debonair? Either way, there’s a cinematic watch to suit him this holiday season. Timex’s IRONMAN Dual-Tech watch, which Will Ferrell’s average Joe character Harold Crick wears in Stranger Than Fiction, will thrill his inner nerd with its analog dial hands AND digital display (right). If he is more of a smoothie, what about Omega’s Seamaster Professional watch, which Daniel Craig’s suave alter ego — Bond, James Bond — sports in Casino Royale? The Omega features “luminous hour markers,” all the better to tell time in dark, romantic settings. (Bond girl not included).

Click here to purchase the Timex IRONMAN, $90. And click here to purchase the Omega Seamaster, $2150.

Photo: Susie Allnutt/Columbia Pictures; Ralph Nelson/Columbia Pictures

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