James Franco Channels Rapper Riff Raff with His New Rainbow Ombré Hair

james franco - style
Photo: Source: James Franco/Instagram

Once upon a time, back in 2012, James Franco starred in a little apocalyptic romp of a movie that shook American to its core by the name of Spring Breakers. In the film, Franco stars as a tattooed rapper and drug dealer from South Florida who goes by the name of Alien, a character who happens to also bear a striking resemblance to a certain real life Versace-clad, purple drank-sipping, neon icon named Riff Raff. Though the obvious comparisons between the two white rappers initially sparked beef between the actor and the musician, it appears the two have since buried the hatchet, teaming up for a collaboration on Riff Raff’s latest music video.

In an Instagram posted to James Franco’s account on Tuesday, the actor debuted a markedly different new hairstyle, showing off perfectly straight shoulder-length blonde locks that have been dip-dyed into a pastel pink and blue ombré. In the shot, Franco also wears one of Riff Raff’s bright yellow tour t-shirts, captioning the shot, “MADE in AMERICA ?????? RIFF RAFF (@jodyhighroller) video dropping soon!!!”

The rapper, who also goes by the name Jody HighRoller amongst his many Versace and neon-themed pseudonyms, quickly retweeted the image writing, “THE WORLD iSN’T READY,” and then re-Grammed the selfie on his own account writing, “JUST GOT MY VERSACE COTTON CANDY HAiR PERM PRESSED FOR MY ‘ONLY iN AMERiCA’ ViDEO,” seemingly suggesting that Franco might actually be playing the Neon Don in his own music video.

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It seems we’ll just have to wait for the imminent drop of his music video to find out what this follicle transformation is truly all about. But whatever it is, we’re sure the video will be full of aquaberry neon vibes dripping in the finest Versace-branded apparel hot and fresh from Riff Raff’s codeine castle.

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