The actor's wild lumberjack beard is gone

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We were beginning to forget what Jake Gyllenhaal‘s face looked like. After growing out a crazy unruly beard for his role in the new film Everest, the actor has reunited with his razor and shaved it all off. And considering that the temperatures outside are rising, that was probably a good call.

Gyllenhaal has had a variety of different facial hair patterns throughout the years, usually maintaining a bit of scruff. He also makes a cameo in all his full-bearded glory in the star-studded “On the Run” trailer just released by Beyoncé and Jay Z.

As for his hair, we can’t see if Gyllenhaal chopped that as well, or if it’s still at its longer length. Once he stops wearing beanies, we’ll report back.

Back in 2012, Gyllenhaal had a similar long beard for a play he was doing, and he told Graham Norton that while it wasn’t itchy, he had to comb it out at times to tame it. And regardless of where you fall on the Gyllenhaal beard spectrum, we’re sure he’ll continue to mix things up in the future.

Are you a fan of the actor clean-shaven? Should he bring back the beard? Share your thoughts below!

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–Brittany Talarico