October 16, 2007 09:00 PM

Vince Bucci/Getty

Jaime Pressly debuted her spring/summer J’Aime line to a audience filled with stars like My Name is Earl co-star Jason Lee and fiance Beth Riesgraf, Ethan Suplee, Eddie Steeples, Giovani Ribisi, Nicky Hilton and David Katzeberg, Wilmer Valderrama and Rex Lee in what turned out to be one of the biggest shows of L.A. fashion week. While Jaime’s husband Eric Cubiche made sure everything was positioned just right backstage, Jaime made her appearance on the red carpet in a blue silk dress, ankle boots and hair pulled up in a long ponytail. “I was going for something a little more conservative but sexy sophistication and tailored pieces,” Pressly told PEOPLE. The white runway and glittery accents set the scene, but the clothes were anything but flashy. Designed with Renee Bardot, adorable dresses in flattering shapes and bold prints came down the runway, along great separates like high waisted pants and frilly blouses. Jaime walked the runway at the show’s finale to roaring cheers and a standing ovation from her star-studded front row. Jaime confided to PEOPLE, “my thing is I have always had to prove people wrong, my whole life. This is going to prove everybody wrong ten fold. Originally I just had a knit line and now it’s a collection of sateen and silk and linen and eyelets and chiffon, it’s gorgeous.”

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